Great Lakes Manufacturing Council

Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership

Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership (CGMP) initiative utilizes a dual customer approach to build career advancement pathways for low-skilled/ under-prepared workers and meet employer demands. CGMP weaves deep, long-lasting interconnections among employers; the public workforce system; and education, training, and support service providers, organizing them to provide a continuum of education, training, career coaching, asset development, job placement, job retention and advancement, and support services. Using this approach, technical training for both new and existing workers will lead to family and community-sustaining livable-wage employment. Increased business satisfaction, employee retention, productivity and higher revenues will be met with decreased regional unemployment and dependence on public assistance.

180 N. Wabash
Chicago, IL

Clients Served:
The CGMP program serves all Calumet residents who have not recognized the potential of manufacturing to support middle-class prosperity and have not acquired the technical and workforce skills to work in jobs in this sector.

Training or educating new workers, Retraining incumbent workers, Retraining displaced workers, Recruiting or attracting talented workers

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